Friday, September 11, 2009

5 Tips to Solving Your Computer Driver Problems By Giselle Sanchez

Drivers are a very important part of your computer. These little pieces of software make link our hardware to our software, applications, or operating system. Without them, Windows will not work correctly because it cannot communicate to your hardware. Your hardware therefore will not function at all, or it will work well below average performance.

So, if we are experiencing driver problems, what can we do to solve them? Here are some suggestions.

Visit the Driver Manufacturer website - Most driver problems can be solved by going directly to the manufacturer's website and downloading then installing the latest driver for that device. This will update the drivers and get your hardware functioning properly again.

Restart Your Computer - After the installation was completed, make sure that you restart your computer. If problems appear after an update, you should roll back the hardware driver - see tip 5.

Reinstall a Device Driver - If you are facing hardware issues, one of the first steps you should take is to reinstall the hardware driver. In many cases this will solve your problem. When you do this, Windows automatically detects and installs the hardware, like new. To do this, go to "Device Manager" on your Windows machine and select "Confirm Device Removal".

Try an Automated Driver tool - Automated driver updaters such as Driver Detective or Driver Robot, offer a free evaluation version which allows you to scan your PC for missing drivers at no cost. If your missing drivers are found, you can register and for a small fee install the drivers automatically and receive unlimited driver updates. This is not a bad option especially if you cannot locate the driver you need manually.

Rolling back a Driver - This is a very easy process and there is nothing unsafe about it. To roll back a device driver means to revert to the old version. Windows will use the previous version of your driver.

As you can see, there are many options available if you are experiencing driver issues and are uncertain how to resolve them. If reinstalling, updating, rolling back the driver or any other of the above tips does not solve your driver problem, try reinstalling the hardware. Although the drivers themselves are the main causes of driver problems, faulty hardware installation has its share of the blame as well.
by Giselle Sanchez - Technology and freelance PC resources writer. Looking for ATI driver downloads? Learn how to update your drivers the safe way or post a driver question at the official driver forum.

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