Friday, September 11, 2009

My Computer is Running Slow - Here is the Answer to Speeding Up Your Computer Fast! By James Randell

The biggest problem people have with their computer is it slowing down. If your PC slows down it has nothing to do with the age of the computer. The reason for this problem is in your computer registry. The companies who tell you it is because of the age of the computer want you to buy a new one!

The registry is the database that tells windows where all the devices are on your computer are and the settings for them. Whatever changes you make to windows are stored in here. Without this windows would not work at all.

As the computer gets older more and more entries are added to this registry and this slows windows down during day to day use and during start up. Eventually errors start to appear as well and these can stop windows operating.

The first step is to remove any programs you do not use. This will free up memory and allow you to remove entries from the registry that is causing windows to slow. You can remove these with add and remove programs located in the windows control panel.

The next step is to run a free registry scan. This will examine your windows registry and find any old or unwanted entries any errors and any corruption in minutes.

Even though these errors are not visible to you they will cause windows to keep looking for programs and devices that are not there and in the case of errors and corruption will prevent windows from running programs and operating devices properly.

All these errors can be fixed instantly in minutes and start speeding up your slow computer
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