Friday, September 11, 2009

Windows XP Performance - Fix Windows Registry Errors and Say Goodbye to a Slow PC By David S Marshall

Each time you install a program on your computer or add an extra hardware to it your PC slows down. Even when you remove programs and hardware these entries are left behind and it these which can slow windows down.

Slow PC performance is because of errors in the computer registry. These directly affect windows and slow it right down and cause errors. These errors can be:

- DLL errors.

- Programs failing to run.

- Windows Slow to start up.

- Windows will not shut down or takes a very long-time to shut down.

- Windows reports registry errors and other errors.

If you see these or similar errors you may be worried about trying to fix it for fear of making it worse. If you try to edit the registry yourself you can easily make these errors worse and even cause windows to stop working at all.

You can uncover all the junk entries in the registry and the errors that are slowing down windows and causing all the other errors quickly with a registry scan.

By running a free registry scan all these errors can be uncovered in minutes without any need for you to touch the registry at all. The first time you run a registry scan there are usually hundreds of errors found in the registry.

Many errors are minor, but it is a combination of them which will slow you PC right down and cause windows to crash and report errors.

Al these errors can be fixed in minutes and make your PC run fast and error free again.
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