Friday, September 11, 2009

Beware of the Free Registry Cleaners By Pat Bateman

So your computer is running slow and it's time to clean your Windows registry. All of those files from programs that you installed and uninstalled over time are still lingering in you computer's registry. Unless you are a computer expert you need registry cleaning software to get the job done properly.

There are many registry cleaners out there and they can be easily downloaded in minutes. Among these options are free registry cleaners. A program that will scan and clean my registry and help bring my computer back to its original speed for the price of $0. Sounds great right? Be warned though, before you decide to download that free program there are a few things to consider.

Free Registry Cleaners are developed and put on the web by random people. Often they are developed published and forgotten about and therefore offer no support or updates. This also results in the software quickly becoming outdated and useless. The free registry cleaners can also be vehicles for viruses or malware to be installed in your computer's registry causing it to run even slower or crash.

Remember that the registry cleaner you choose to download will be tampering with the Windows database so you want to make sure you use a highly reputable registry cleaner. This typically comes in the form of a paid registry cleaner that offers support, updates, periodic future scans, and accountability.

Reputable registry cleaners offer free scans of your Windows registry. So you frugal folks out there can get a free scan to see what's happening with your registry before you pay a dime for a cleaner. If you don't need a cleaning you just saved yourself some money and peace of mind. If you do need you registry cleaned a reputable registry cleaner will cost under $40 to download and can be put to use as often as you like. Just keep in mind that a small cost now will save you from paying a big cost later for a new computer.
Throw your money away on a new PC or make your current PC run at new speeds. Just one of the many issues that separate the sucker consumer from the savvy consumer.

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