Friday, September 11, 2009

Why is My Computer Running Slow? - How to Make Your Slow PC Faster Right Away By David S Marshall

Why is your computer slowing down all the time? If you find that your windows computer is behaving strangely on you and getting slower and slower you need to take steps to fix it.

When this starts you might see the occasional errors pop up on your screen warning you of registry errors, DLL errors when trying to run programs and other windows errors that most people ignore.

Here is how to fix all these errors.

Nearly all of these problems can be traced back to the windows registry. This is where all the data for your computer configuration and settings are stored.

Without this windows will not run and over time it gets bloated with junk entries that slows windows down and errors slowly begin to appear and it is these errors which make windows behave strangely and report errors. It is a combination of these junk entries and these errors which makes windows crawl to a halt.

All of these windows error messages that you see and the errors and junk in the registry can be cleaned up and repaired quickly by checking the registry for errors.

You can do this two ways.

#1 Manually going through the registry and deleting the junk entries until they are gone. The problem with this is that if you delete the wrong registry key windows will not start up again.

#2 Run a free registry scan that will automatically find all the errors and junk in the registry. Doing it this way will prevent any mistakes and will find every possible error in minutes that is slowing your computer down and causing all these errors.

Once you have found all the errors on your computer you can get rid of them in minutes and have your PC running fast again.
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